Embracing Intuitive Eating & Movement

Embracing Intuitive Eating & Movement

 Intuitive eating is all about listening to your body. It is not a diet. There are no rules or restrictions. There are no such thing as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. In fact, one of the first things intuitive eating teaches you is to reject the diet mentality. Secondly, you have to give yourself permission to eat all foods (of course, if you have an allergy, you obviously shouldn’t eat that food). 

Here’s the thing. If you restrict your food intake and you tell yourself certain foods are off limits, sooner or later you will binge on those foods. If you have told yourself that cookies are a ‘forbidden’ food all you want is cookies. And if you end up having one bite of a cookie you might end up eating all the cookies because you think that tomorrow it’s back to never eating cookies again. 

If you know that you can have cookies anytime you would like one, you won’t feel the need to overindulge because you know you can have another one whenever you would like one. 

Your body is incredibly intelligent, and it wants you to be healthy, balanced, and full of energy. Your body is not your enemy, it’s your best friend, and you can trust your hunger, cravings and other signals your body sends you.

If you truly listen to your body, you will realize that most of the time your body actually wants nutritious foods with the occasional cookie, scoop of ice cream and piece of chocolate.

Move in ways that make you feel amazing

The same goes for movement. Instead of telling yourself that you must go to the gym five times a week otherwise the world as we know it will end (naturally), try moving in ways that truly feel good. 

Some days that might be going to the gym. Other days it might be going for a stroll on the beach. Some days perhaps you want to go to a yummy yoga class. Or a dance class. Or perhaps you feel called to go hiking. Some days your body will also tell you to rest and restore. Trust your body. Move in ways that feel amazing. This will also make movement much more fun and fulfilling instead of feeling like a chore.

We have been taught that we cannot trust our body. That we need strict diet plans and exercise routines. However, your body knows exactly what it needs, and you can trust it. Movement and eating should be a source of pleasure, and it should feel good. 

In the beginning intuitive eating and movement can feel a bit scary. At first it might even feel like a foreign concept, but once you realize that you can trust your body and that it is only interested in keeping you healthy, nourished, and balanced, embracing intuitive eating and movement feels so good.


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