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Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies

Inika Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies

“Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy to the body.”

Winter season is here, and with it typically come the various viruses that can affect our wellbeing and energy levels. Prevention is key to staying healthy and helping our immune system this season, and we have just the perfect recipe for that.

These Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies feature three important elements to keep you protected this season:

Antibacterial: Boosted with our potent Manuka Honey MGO 400, these gummies will not only taste naturally sweet, but will also help you prevent and smooth away cold symptoms, such sore throat, cough or congestion.

Anti-inflammatory: Ginger and mānuka honey possess wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and can help you boost your energy levels. Ginger itself is also high in antioxidants, helping you stay protected from cell damage created by free radicals.

Rich in C vitamin: Orange and lemon are two potent natural sources of vitamin C, and will also add a delicious citrusy flavour to your gummies.

Are these gummies kid-friendly?

These gummies contain only natural ingredients, zero additives, refined sugars or unneeded ingredients, making them a great sweet treat for kids, that will also help them keep their immune system strong.

Please keep in mind that mānuka honey should not be consumed by children under the age of one year old.

Inika Superfoods Manuka Honey MGO 400

Inika Superfoods Manuka Honey MGO 400


●  Inika Manuka Honey – we recommend using MGO 400 for higher strength, but the MGO 250 variant also works perfectly.
●  1.5 dl freshly squeezed orange juice.
●  1.5 dl freshly squeezed lemon juice.
●  30 grams ginger.
●  Vegetarian gelatine or agar agar powder.
●  Water
●  A silicon gummy mold or an ice mold.
●  A food thermometer


●  Strain the lemon juice, orange juice and grated ginger into a bowl. You can use a strainer or a cheesecloth.

●  Mix the cold liquid with your veggie gelatine or agar agar according to the packaging instructions for solid results. This usually requires more powder than when making traditional softer gelatine.

●  Stir thoroughly let the gelatin bloom for a few minutes.

●  Place a pot on medium heat, and add your gelatine mix into it. Stir frequently until the liquid thickens 

●  Place the warm liquid in a bowl. Wait until the temperature has gone below 40°C before you add your Manuka Honey. This helps keep the honey’s natural antibacterial properties intact.

●  Add one or two spoonfuls of Inika's Manuka Honey and stir.

●  Fill your molds with the liquid and place on the fridge for 4 hours.

●  Pop off the mold and enjoy your immunity gummies!

Inika Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies

Inika Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies

How to store your Manuka Immunity Gummies?

Since these gummies are made with all-natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, we recommend to store them in an air-tight, dark container in the fridge, and consume them within up to two weeks after making them.

The gummies can also be stored at room temperature, however then their shelf-life will be shorter.

Enjoy your gummies daily to help strengthen your immune system, or when sick to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

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