Follow your flow with Inika Superfoods

Inika means Little Earth in Sanskrit. A beautiful reminder of the finite nature of our planet, and how our and the planet’s health interconnect. With that in mind, and the critical crossroad we’re faced with as a species, we saw a need to reimagine how we understand health. A need to break free from old ways and take a new path to a brighter, healthier and happier collective.

The first seeds were sown during spring 2020. A strange time in history, when people were ushered into isolation, lockdowns and fright. Suddenly, the whole world's vibration felt dampened. Not just because of current events, but also because of the general trend of declining health of populations worldwide, we created Inika Superfoods. Us co-founders realised the real need and urge for a positive, healthy force within the convenience food industry. Built around the conviction that a multifaceted, holistic approach to health can help lift people up, become healthier, happier and enable them to live their best lives. A year and many late nights in our kitchens later, we give you Inika Superfoods.

We believe nourishing your body with natural, convenient and earth friendly food is fundamental to live your best. That’s why our promise to you is just that – functional food brimming with health boosting superfoods with low planetary impact, ready to be enjoyed anywhere in no time. ​​In addition, we believe knowledge is power - a tool to realise goals and dreams. Therefore, we aim to be a voice for a good life, promising to share nuggets of wisdom with our tribe. We are so happy that you want to follow our journey!