Feed your flow with Inika Superfoods

A life lived to the fullest is a life lived in flow

…where body and mind are nourished, and you can focus on what matters.

Inika Superfoods was born out of love for people and wellbeing. Inika (iḍikā or “इडिका) means ‘little Earth’ in Sanskrit, a beautiful reminder of the finite nature of our planet, and how our and the planet’s wellbeing interconnect. Just like we only have one Earth, we only have one body – and we need to treasure them both.

We believe that being able to nourish your body with natural, delicious, convenient and Earth-friendly food is fundamental to live your best. Drawing inspiration from the powerful collective wisdom of humanity’s various cultures and philosophies around wellness in sync with Mother Nature, we exist to nourish your body and mind. To enable you to live a life in flow - full of energy and with time to enjoy your passions. Because when we thrive, we can make our Inika – our 'little Earth' - thrive too.

Inika Superfoods

The birth of Inika Superfoods

Inika Superfoods was dreamt up in a kitchen in Stockholm. The first seeds were sown during spring 2020. A strange time in history, when suddenly the whole world's vibration felt dampened.

Sharing a spiritual, positive outlook in life, and the understanding that natural and healthy food can help heal and turn things around for body and mind, calm and rational Gabriela Åfeldt and creative and intuitive Nicole De Geer, knew they had to join forces in their quest for balance. 

A year and many late nights in their kitchens later, their joined love for people and holistic health, and their complementary backgrounds in engineering, food industry, nutrition and lifestyle, gave birth to the much-needed positive, healthy force within the convenience food space, Inika Superfoods.

Inika Superfoods

Wellness in sync with Mother Nature

We are here to nourish your body and mind with deliciously natural, vegan and convenient superfoods. We offer truly healthy snacks – always plantbased, gluten-free, and free from refined sugars. As we don't believe additives belong in food, we use only natural ingredients in our products. At the same time, as we see treats or quick snacks as an integral part of a truly balanced lifestyle, we always make sure to create the most delicious flavour combinations, to awaken all senses.

As a modern holistic wellness brand, we develop our products drawing inspiration from modern scientific breakthroughs, combined with the collective wisdom of humanity’s ancient cultures found across our little Earth. From Ayurveda’s devotion to inner balance and calm, the ancient Greek view of food as medicine and vice versa, all the way to Mesoamerican wisdom on vitality and nature, we stay true to a balanced, holistic approach to health as a means of lifting you up, becoming happier and enabling you to live your best life.

Inika Superfoods

Our promise to our little Earth

We believe that if we thrive, we can make our Inika – our 'little Earth' - thrive too. With that in mind, and the critical crossroad we’re faced with as a species, we see the need to break free from old ways and take a new path to a happier, healthier and more sustainable collective. 

As a company, we devote great care to the impact of all our actions. The first step was taken when developing our Plantshakes, as our goal was to offer a convenient but sustainable alternative to healthy, nutrition-packed smoothies. By freeze-drying our all-natural, plantbased ingredients, we avoid having to transport an otherwise heavy and bulky water-based product, we minimise food waste by maximising shelf-life, and we are able to use planet-friendly, paper packaging. All without compromising on taste, nutrition or convenience for you.

In the same manner, we constantly evaluate our supply chain, to keep minimizing our environmental impact. Just as we aim to be a positive, healthier force within the convenience foods industry, we also aim to be a more sustainable and Earth-friendly alternative in the same space, too.

Inika Superfoods