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Chocolate Chakra

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A rich, chocolatey, zen plantshake inspired by Mesoamerica’s wisdom and Ayurvedic philosophy, for moments of joy. Silky, thick, smoothie-like consistency.

Inika’s Inspiration
Mesoamerica’s ancient Mayan and Aztec civilisations used cocoa to prime themselves. Across our little Earth, ancient Ayurveda used the adaptogen ashwagandha, to help the body combat stress and achieve a state of balance. In this plantshake, we have combined the powers of cocoa with hemp and ashwagandha, and they will work together so you’ll feel mindful, inspired and tuned in.

It’s Good for You

Filling & Nutritious

Ready in seconds

Protein Source


100% Natural Ingr.

100% Plant-based

No Refined Sugars


The Superfoods in Chocolate Chakra



Chickory Root



Psyllium Husk



G-F Oat

Pea Protein

A filling combination of delicious cocoa, hemp, and adaptogenic ashwagandha, rich in fiber and a good source of protein, Inika’s silky and thick Chocolate Chakra will be your trusted friend when life gets busy and you crave a little bliss.

Enjoy it chilled or warm – this zenful plantshake will help keep you grounded, optimistic and tuned-in in your daily routine. Just shake with your choice of plantbased milk and enjoy!

How to prepare

Fill your shaker with 250 ml water or your choice of plant-based milk
Add two scoops or ~35 g of your plantshake powder
Add the mixer ball on top
Shake thoroughly and enjoy!

Each cylinder contains 10 servings.
A biodegradable, BPA-free, light-weight scoop made of bamboo fiber is included in your plantshake cylinder. Two scoopfuls (~35 g) hold the perfect amount of powder to make your shake-making process easier and more practical.

One Chocolate Chakra plantshake per day is adequate and healthful. Recommended serving instructions should not be exceeded. Always consider the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Best to store in its own packaging, protected from humidity, in room temperature.

Full Ingredient List
Specially treated gluten-free whole grain oat flour, bananas, cocoa, inulin (chicory root fiber), pea protein, apples, coconut, acacia fiber, hemp protein, psyllium husk, salt, ashwagandha (KSM-66).

(SE) Ingredienslista
Specialbehandlat glutenfritt fullkornshavremjöl, bananer, kakao, inulin (cikoriarot fiber), ärtprotein, äpplen, kokosnöt, akaciafiber, hampaprotein, psylliumskal, salt, ashwagandha (KSM-66).


per 100 g

per 35g


362 kcal

127 kcal


1515 kJ

530 kJ


11 g

3,9 g

     of which/varav saturated:

6,5 g

2,3 g


40 g

14 g

     of which sugars/varav socker:

15 g

5,4 g


21 g

7,2 g


16 g

5,4 g


1,8 g

0,63 g

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