The Journal

Inspiration gives birth to dreams, and knowledge helps us realise our dreams and goals. Inika aims to be a voice for a good life, a life lived in flow. Where both your body and mind are nourished, and you can feel balanced and focus on what matters. Follow our Journal to find the inspiration your mind craves and the knowledge you may need to come closer to a holistic state of wellness.

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Holistic Wellness

A holistic approach to wellness is the practice of creating physical and mental harmony, to achieve true balance and flow in your life. Caring for yourself, through food, exercise, learning, and syncing with Nature, means that you give yourself the power to be able to do great things. Not only for yourself, but also for those around you. 

Find inspiration & information about nutrition, self-care, mental wellbeing, and other facets of our holistic philosophy here if you’re trying to incorporate a holistic approach to wellness into your life.

Inika Recipes

Treats and snacking are an integral part of a balanced lifestyle, and so are delicious and nourishing foods. Being able to enjoy food is one of the biggest pleasures in life, and when we approach nutrition with care and excitement, we come one step closer to healing and turning things around for both body and mind. 

Find inspiration & exciting, natural and nourishing recipes here if you’re trying to bring back enjoyable and balanced nutrition in your everyday lifestyle.

Our Products

We are here to nourish your body with deliciously natural, vegan and convenient superfoods. Our products stay true to our holistic approach to wellness, always delicious yet nutrition-packed, plantbased, gluten-free, and free from refined sugars, additives or artificial ingredients.

Find inspiration & information on superfoods, our products, and how they fit in your life here if you’re trying to nourish your body in a convenient yet balanced way.

A life lived to the fullest is a life lived in flow

As a modern holistic wellness brand, we develop our products drawing inspiration from modern scientific breakthroughs, combined with the collective wisdom of humanity’s ancient cultures found across our little Earth. From Ayurveda’s devotion to inner balance and calm, the ancient Greek view of food as medicine and vice versa, all the way to Mesoamerican wisdom on vitality and nature, we stay true to a balanced, holistic approach to health as a means of lifting you up, becoming happier and enabling you to live your best life.