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Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Wood Element

“For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks .”
Friedrich Nietzsche

TThis article is a part of a five part series about the Five Daiost Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These elements are in constant change and movement. Each element has its own characteristics with its own defined strengths and weaknesses and plays its role in the balance of the universe. We all have each element inside of us, however, one or two elements will usually resonate more with you than the others. It is all about balancing the five elements.

Live your truth with wood

First of all when talking about wood you should think of bamboo, not an old oak tree. Bamboo is strong yet flexible and it grows fast.Wood digs roots deep into the earth where it is constantly looking to push forward and expand.

The element of wood is all about new ideas, inspiration and nurturing new projects. It is the wood energy that allows us to express our true nature and manifest ourselves in the world. This element symbolizes spring, youth and growth. It is about new beginnings. The wood element provides us the vision and foresight to move ahead; planning, organizing and deciding the way through. This element is home of new ideas, new thoughts and transformation. It is with this element we express our creative energy in the world.

A person who has a lot of wood in them is generous, warm and he/she cares deeply about other people. A wood person is also courageous and compassionate and usually a naturally good leader. However, if this element is unbalanced it manifests itself as anger and frustration. This happens when the wood energy is obstructed and it cannot move freely. However, when balanced we are able to move ahead and rise above, and we are able to live our life to the fullest in harmony with nature, and we take responsibility for our actions.

Ways to connect with the wood element

• Giver Liver 3 a massage. This point is located on top of the foot in the depression between the big toe and the second toe. You can either massage the point or simply press it for about a minute. This is a wonderful point for releasing anger and frustration.

• Brainstorming/starting new projects. Remember that the wood element is all about starting new projects and getting new ideas. Therefore brainstorming and starting new projects is probably the most wood thing you can do.

• Express your truth. Always speak your truth. Be your authentic self. Not speaking your truth and not being your authentic self will lead to imbalances and obstructions of the energy.

• Light some palo santo. Palo santo has a lovely wooden smell, and it’s perfect to use when connecting with the wood energy.

• Eat lots of healthy fats. The wood element loves healthy fats such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts…

Things to avoid

The absolute worst thing you can do for the wood element is repressing your anger and bottling up your feelings. Furthermore avoid toxins both in food, cosmetics, clothes etc.

The wood element is particularly great connecting to when you are about to start a new project or anything new in general. This is a great time to tap into this energy to help manifest your new ideas and dreams.

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