10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

10 Ways to Practice Self-Love

What better way to celebrate this Valentine's day than to love yourself? Practicing self-love is important every single day, but maybe pamper yourself a little bit extra on Valentine’s Day.  

In this blog post we are sharing 10 ways to love yourself, on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.

Nourish your body

One of our favorite ways to practice self-love is giving our body the nourishment it needs to thrive. At Inika Superfoods we believe that fueling your body with natural, convenient and earth-friendly food is fundamental to live your best life. All our Plantshakes and Bars are made to nourish your body and provide you with all the energy you need to live the life of your dreams.

Practice self compassion

Oftentimes we are the hardest on ourselves. Instead of beating yourself up, try practicing self compassion. Treat yourself the same way you would treat a friend. We all make mistakes, fail and fall down. That’s just a part of life, but you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it.

Move in ways that feel good

Movement and exercise is good and healthy, but do it in ways that feel good. This is self-love. If you love running and going to yoga, do that. If dancing sets your soul on fire, go to dance classes. If you like working out at home, find videos that you love. Also, know that you’re allowed to sometimes switch it up. Maybe in the summer you love surfing and running, while during the colder winter months you prefer yoga and spin classes.


In a world that applauds you for being busy, it takes courage to rest. Rest is essential. You are not a robot. Naturally, you need sleep, but you also need rest in other forms. Maybe it’s reading a book, going for a walk in nature, watching Netflix, cooking, knitting, painting, going on vacation…

Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is very important for your overall health. If you struggle with drinking enough water, perhaps treat yourself to a cute water bottle you can bring with you anywhere. Another good tip is starting the day with a big glass of water, think of it like you’re giving your insides a shower.

Wear clothes that makes you feel good

Love yourself enough to wear clothes you actually love and that makes you feel good. If you love wearing colorful clothes, wear them! If we’re lacking self-love we tend to wear clothes we don’t really like because we think we don’t “deserve” to wear the clothes we actually love. You deserve to wear whatever you feel good in.

Pamper yourself

Get your nails done (or do them yourself), take a warm bubble bath/shower, get your hair done, buy your favorite make-up… It’s always nice to do something a little extra for yourself. Just because you deserve it.

Speak kindly to and about yourself

It’s so important that you speak kindly to and about yourself. Think about everything your body does for you every single day. Think about how hard you work for your dreams. How much you do in a day. Surely, you are worthy of kind words from yourself. In fact, right now, say three kind things to yourself.

Do more of the things that bring you joy

Love reading? Read more! Would you like to learn how to paint? Join a painting class! Love having friends over for dinner? Invite some over this weekend. Whatever brings you joy, do more of that. It can be anything and everything. Notice what lights you up. When do you feel happy? Joyful? And then do more of those things

Visit your favorite café/restaurant

When was the last time you went to your favorite café? It’s probably time for a visit. Whether you go by yourself or with a friend or a family member, it will be an enjoyable time. Get your favorite drink and/or food on the menu. Tell the people at the café how much you love their food. And most importantly, enjoy yourself!


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