5 Ways to Connect to the Divine Feminine

5 Ways to Connect to the Divine Feminine

In honor of International Women’s Day we would like to share 5 ways to connect to the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine is intuitive, nurturing, compassionate, heart-centered, creative, kind, forgiving, gentle, accepting, and wise. In her book The Self-Love Experiment Shannon Kaiser writes: 

“The energy of the feminine embodies the nurtures, the healer, the compassionate peacemaker, while the masculine energy is focused on doing and achieving.”

If you are familiar with the theory of yin and yang the feminine energy is yin, the masculine is yang.

5 ways to connect to the Divine Feminine:

Cacao Ceremony

Make your own little sacred cacao ceremony at home. You can invite your soul sisters over, but you can also do it by yourself. You can use our Chocolate Chakra Plantshake for your ceremony. Drink the chocolate slowly while journaling about what you are grateful for. You can also set an intention before closing the ceremony. 

Embrace your sensuality

Not to be confused with sexuality. Sensuality is physical pleasure, and it can also be in the form of a massage, getting your hair done or other self-care rituals. It can also be lighting a scented candle, diffusing essential oils, or eating a tasty meal.


Journaling is a wonderful way to connect with the Divine Feminine. Make yourself a cup of tea, put on some relaxing music (perhaps something like Devi Prayer or Adi Shakti) and grab a pen and your journal.

Practice self-love 

Engaging in various self-love and self-care practices is a good way to connect with the Divine Feminine. Take a look at this blog post for self-love practices.

Turn inwards

The feminine energy is introverted and intuitive, and it is all about turning inwards and inner reflection. Allow yourself to be still and listen to your inner voice.


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