Motherhood Is a Matter of Love, Presence, Patience and Boundaries.

Motherhood Is a Matter of Love, Presence, Patience and Boundaries.

Conversations on motherhood with Nicole, our Co Founder and mother of Wilhelmina, Fred and Hermine.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Motherhood is a matter of love, presence, patience and boundaries. Towards both your kids and towards yourself. It is about what you give and what energy you send out. You will have to teach your kids and also be open to them teaching you. My strengths and flaws might not be theirs and theirs not mine. To be able to accept that in both directions creates a flow and a good relationship in the end I think.

Your best health advice for moms?

A happy mum makes happy kids. A healthy mum makes healthy kids. Start with yourself. They will copy you a lot in the end anyway.

What is your favorite go-to recipe for busy days?

Tacos.It is so easy to make a child friendly version and at the same time add some more ingredients to make it suitable for grown ups.

I usually make two different guacamole, for example one with just avocado, lime juice and sea salt for the kids and then I add some onions, cilantro and fresh jalapenos for the grown up version. For a vegetarian version I stir some shiitake mushrooms with garlic, olive oil and some sea salt and white pepper.

What has been the most rewarding part of motherhood for you?

To see my kids laugh out loud. I love when they over smart me with their humor and intelligence. To have the opportunity to feel and see the evolution happening. This generation has so much to give. They are more open and wise. I learn from my kids every day.

They teach me how to stay grounded and why it is so important.

What are you the proudest of in your motherhood journey? 

I hope and know that my kids feel loved and that I am as present as I can be. That is my goal. If they feel loved and connected I think that is the best foundation to build your life upon. The falls will not be too deep in the future. You can lose all material things but this they will carry with them.

Share a motherhood mantra you live by.

Put the oxygen mask on yourself first. Then you can help your kids. Kids need a mum who can bread and a mum needs bread to be a good mum.


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