5 Quick questions with Stina Jansson

5 Quick questions with Stina Jansson

Flowers, nature, colorful decor and dresses, Stina Jansson transports us to a world of beauty through, which she is able to capture perfectly every single time on her instagram pictures. Based in Dalarna and surrounded by the most magical scenery, she lives a life we can all call dreamy. Get to know Stina better with 5 quick questions.

What is your definition of a healthy life?

I experience the best of me when I eat good healthy food and work out on routine.

What makes you the happiest?

Being with my children and seeing them do things for the first time, walk, swim, ride a bike. 

What is your favorite form of self-care?

I go for a run with loud music in my ears. After that I enjoy a good meal and a long shower. My kind of therapy.  

What is your favorite Inika Product?

The Blueberry Cashew bar is so good!

Best advice you would give to anyone?

Take time to treat yourself with some self-love, go for a lonely swim, take a long walk or just sit still and reflect on your life for a bit, think about what is good in your life, and be grateful, we only live once. ❤️

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