What you need to know about Chicory Root

What you need to know about Chicory Root

Every day we learn more about gut health, and ways to help our gut bacteria thrive to optimize our overall health. Fiber plays a vital role in keeping the microbiome healthy and intestinal flora protected, and one powerful source is chicory root. 

Chicory root derives from the plant Cichorium intybus, a plant with beautiful bright blue flowers that is a member of the dandelion family. Although we have recently started hearing the buzz of this root, its use dates back to centuries, where it has been widely used as a coffee substitute, in salads, stews, and as a food supplement.

This root is rich in different beneficial substances like flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It also serves as a natural sweetener in many food products, like our superfood bars. Here are some reasons to love chicory root fiber:

Helps support digestion

Chicory root contains more than 60% inulin, a water-soluble fiber naturally helps alleviate and prevent constipation. Inulin is also linked to increasing bowel movement frequency, it's most popular benefit is to aid digestion.

A natural probiotic

Inulin is a probiotic that is not absorbed until it reaches the large intestine where it gets fermented and helps the growth of bacteria, while also helping eliminate the ‘bad’ bacteria. 

Help keep glucose levels balanced.

Chicory root fiber has a glycemic index of almost 0, and thanks to its high inulin content, aids the growth of gut bacteria in charge of metabolizing carbohydrates, improving insulin sensitivity.

Putting artificial sweeteners away and replacing them with healthier and natural alternatives such as chicory root fiber is a great way to help our bodies function optimally. We have included chicory root fiber in all our superfood bars to offer you with delicious snacks that are high in fiber and sweetened by the very best mother nature.


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