8 calming & grounding practices for your period

8 calming & grounding practices for your period

For many women getting their period can be a cause for stress; perhaps you experience cramps, mood swings, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, fatigue and a range of other unpleasant feelings. However, your period can also be a wonderful time for resting and engaging in calming and grounding practices. A time for self-care and nourishment.

During your period it is important to be easy on yourself. It is a time for inner reflection, grounding and resting. It is your body’s natural way of telling you to slow down for a couple of days. Embrace and honor this time and use it to practice a little extra self-care and self-love. 

8 calming & grounding practices for your period

Yin and/or Restorative Yoga

Your period is the perfect time for practicing Yin and/or Restorative Yoga. Both Yin and Restorative Yoga are relaxing, grounding, and calming styles of yoga making them ideal to practice during your period. Hip-openers especially can be wonderful during this time of the month, both physically and mentally as we tend to store our emotions in our hips.

Connect with nature

Many women naturally feel more drawn to nature when on their period so take this opportunity to connect with Mother Earth. Go for a slow walk in the forest, breathe in the brisk ocean air or simply walk barefooted in the garden and feel the grass beneath your feet. Mama Gaia is so incredibly grounding and healing.


It is natural for emotions to arise during your period. If you feel a little overwhelmed by these emotions, writing them down can be a wonderful tool for processing your thoughts and feelings.

Hot baths with calming essential oils

Is there anything quite as relaxing as taking a hot bath or shower? If you experience cramps during your period, a warm bath can help relieve the cramps. A hot shower or bath is also lovely for calming down both physically and mentally. If you really wish to pamper yourself you can add (or diffuse if you are taking a shower) some calming essential oils to your bath like lavender, chamomile or any oil that makes you feel relaxed.


Magnesium is known for helping relieve period cramps. If you do not have magnesium on hand, you can also eat some dark chocolate as cacao contains magnesium. Plus, it is delicious, and if you have a bit of a sweet tooth during your period this will probably do the trick. Our Almond Chocolate bar is also rich in magnesium so it also makes for a lovely snack or treat during your period.

Warm beverages

Sipping on a warm beverage is both soothing and relaxing. If possible try to limit your caffeine intake during your period. Herbal teas or golden milk lattes are great warm beverages to drink during your period.

Eat nourishing foods

A part of taking good care of yourself is also eating nourishing foods. Eat foods that come from the earth - this will also help ground you. Choose foods that make you feel your best. If you are in need of a bit of inspiration, check out these 4 healthy breakfast recipes. We know you will love them!

Slow down and rest

Generally, slow down and rest as much as possible during your period. This is not a time for big projects or a full schedule. Make sure you have plenty of ‘white’ space in your calendar to simply rest and recharge. Honor this time of the month by slowing down and resting, just as nature intended for women to do during this time.

What are some of your favorite practices to do during your period? 


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