Learn All About Sacred Incense

Learn All About Sacred Incense

The use of incense with plants is a very old tradition. Incense has been used for tens of thousands of years in connection with spiritual ceremonies, but also as a medicine against diseases and cleaning away negative energies. Incense has been used by many different people, from Egypt to Tibet, from the spiritual tradition of the indigenous people of America to Chinese medicine. Using real incense (made from real plants and resin) is a much safer option than, for example, essential oils.

When burning incense the smoke rises upwards, towards the sky. The essence of smoke is spiritual, it resembles the movement of the spirit in its essence. You can make incense yourself in a few different ways. One way is to wrap herbs in a bundle, these are then dried and burned. Loose incense is easy to make by mixing different fragrant herbs and resin, and burning the mixture over hot coals.

The incense has therefore a spiritual meaning. Let the incense lift your spirit and brighten your connection with heavenly energies.

Summer herbal incenses

Summer is a wonderful time to collect a bunch of herbs that are in full bloom. Tie the herbs at the base with linen, cotton or hemp thread. Leave one end of the thread extra long, and also leave thread on the other end for tying. Start swirling with the longer thread towards the tip of the bunch of herbs, then turn the direction downwards and swirl to the base. Tie the ends of the thread together with a knot. Make sure that the bundle of herbs becomes tight. Dry in an airy place. And use these incenses in your next year's rituals. The incense is lit from the tip and the flame is blown out so that the herbs remain smoking. Smoke cleans energy from spaces, objects and people, for example.

Plants growing in the Nordic countries that are beautiful to use in your incense bundle.

  • Roses
  • Juniper
  • Pine
  • Blackcurrant
  • Raspberry
  • Mint
  • Marjoram
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Elder
  • Lilac

We hope you get to experiment with these gifts from nature and awaken your senses with an aromatic incense ritual.


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