Discover Nature’s SPF

Discover Nature’s SPF

Summer is finally here and for majority of us that means - vacation! No matter what your plans are, whether you are off to the sunny beaches of Southern Europe, or your beloved summer house in the countryside, we should all be aware of the sun exposure and stay safe! 

For so many months we have been longing for the sun and now that it is finally here we all just want to enjoy it! Given our thirst for the sun it is easy to forget the potential harm that comes with long and unprotected sun exposure. Too much exposure to the sun can cause skin pigmentation, premature aging and if really unlucky even the development of skin cancer. But it is of course not all bad, sun exposure is an important way to get vitamin D so we should definitely make use of the lovely weather and spend more time outdoors. 

As usual everything in moderation seem to be your best strategy. We need sun exposure to keep our vitamin D at healthy levels but at the same time protect ourselves from too much sun! Guess what! you can achieve this by supplementing your use of sunscreens with the consumption of some very delicious superfoods that are widely available during the summer season. We are happy to guide you through them!


This familiar root vegetable gets its vibrant yellow-orange color from an impressive amount of beta-carotene pigment that it contains. Once consumed, the molecules of beta-carotene start absorbing the ultraviolet light and prevent the growth of a number of free radicals, those evil molecules that damage DNA and proteins of the skin, which are essential for skin’s health and youth. Thus, treat yourself with a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice on a hot summer day; it will not only quench your thirst, but also support a beautiful and healthy tan!


Almonds are well-known to be the best source of Vitamin E, highly appraised for its powerful sunscreen properties! Vitamin E contains the same group of antioxidants similar to those of beta-carotene, which protect cell membranes from the damaging effects of free radicals. With the highest concentration of Vitamin E among the variety of healthy plant foods, just 30g of almonds (recommended daily portion) will provide you with about 30% of the daily requirement for this micronutrient.


This superfood category features many kitchen staple “heroes”, including arugula, spinach, kale, Chinese and white cabbage and many more! Leafy greens are rich in Vitamin C, which is heavily involved in the natural collagen production which is very beneficial for skin elasticity and preventing premature ageing. Vitamin C also works as an antioxidant neutralising those free radicals mentioned earlier. The great thing about green veggies is that they are very low in calories and extremely high in health benefits, so go by the rule: the more the better.


Like with carrots, the sun protection properties of tomatoes come with their color. However, it is lycopene, another type of carotenoid, that is responsible for a bright red pigment of tomatoes, and it works the same way as beta-carotene as an antioxidant. Lycopene is wildly used in cosmetic industry for its properties to fight against dryness of the skin and pigmentation. Interesting fact, you get more lycopene from your tomatoes if you cook them! So, don’t rule out your favorite tomato soup in the summer. 


Make seasonal berries your delicious summer treat every day! The best gift to our bodies from mother nature ever! We often think of citrus fruits as the major source of Vitamin C, but berries are not inferior to them at all. To replenish the daily intake of this powerful antioxidant and not worry about heading to the beach, you only need to snack on 150g of strawberries or 50g of black currants! 


Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae and totally deserves to be called – superfood! It contains dozens of vitamins and minerals as well as essential amino acids and plant enzymes. In the context of today’s topic, we are especially interested in gamma-linolenic acid, also known as Omega-6 fatty acid, which spirulina contains in substantial amounts. What it does is that it promotes skin detoxification, renewal as well as healing of cells of epidermis, and improves your cell metabolism in general. This is exactly what we need for a quick and natural skin recovery after a long day in the sun. Spirulina might be an acquired taste, but it is also available in tablet form 


Have you ever tried green tea on ice? Well, you might as well get used to it! Green tea is extremely rich in antioxidants that will take care of your skin and protect it from the damaging effect of ultraviolet lights. By the way, to maximize the beneficial properties of green tea, make sure you don’t brew it in boiling hot water, keep it around 80C.


Finally, something we can all relate to! Just make sure you always go for the darker versions of chocolate. The higher percentage of cacao it has the higher the level of antioxidants it contains, which will fight those free radicals and protect your skin from sun damage. 

To summarize the above, we believe that the most effective way to protect yourself from damaging effect of sun exposure is to take on a holistic approach.

Nourish your body with superfoods, our Superfood Bars and Plantshakes are rich in antioxidants and conveniently packed for you, these treats are a true life-hack for your vacation! They will nourish you and provide you with long-lasting energy thanks to their high fiber and low sugar content, so you can safely enjoy the sun and replenish your Vitamin D supplies.


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