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Sunny Salutation

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A fruity, bright, invigorating plantshake inspired by modern-day Surya Namaskar and Ayurvedic cuisine, for refreshing moments. Silky, thick, smoothie-like consistency.

Inika’s Inspiration
Saluting the sun awakens the body and senses, a favourite sequence flow in any yoga practice. No better way to follow up Surya Namaskar, or a “sun salutation” than with this refreshing fusion of sweet mango surrounded by vibrant, fresh passion fruit and sea buckthorn, reminiscent of bright, life-giving sun rays and invigorating yoga flows.

A biodegradable, BPA-free, light-weight scoop made of bamboo fiber is included in the plantshake cylinder.

It’s Good for You

Filling & Nutritious

Ready in seconds

Protein Source


100% Natural Ingredients

100% Plant-based

No Refined Sugars