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Drink your way to glowing skin and healthy hair with this filling Plantshake of powerfully beautifying strawberries, cherries and acerola.

Our plantshakes are as nutritious as they are convenient. Just shake with your choice of milk and enjoy! A natural, vegan and gluten-free smoothie, each with their unique health benefit. There's a Plantshake for every occasion. 


  • Filling, convenient beauty shake ready in seconds
  • Vitamin C supports immune system, strengthens skin, hair and nails (1 serving = 128% of your DRI)
  • Beautifying D-biotin strengthens hair, nails and skin
  • Acerola, strawberries & cherries deliver antioxidants and beautifying, anti-inflammatory vit C and A.
  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • Contains all essential amino acids - vital for functions such as tissue repair and nutrient absorption
  • Supports muscle recovery - 9 g plant protein per serving
  • Supports gut health - 4 g fiber per serving
  • Natural, vegan, additive & gluten free
  • Each cylinder contains 10 servings

Oats are one of the healthiest grains on earth. Naturally gluten free and full of vitamins, blood pressure reducing polyphenols and minerals like manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. Not to mention its rich source of the fiber beta-glucan, which helps reduce cholesterol and level blood sugar and promotes a healthy gut microbiome.

A high-quality protein containing all nine essential amino acids your body cannot create. It is one of the more easily digested plant proteins and can help muscle growth, weight loss and heart health.

More than just a convenient snack, bananas have an impressive nutrient profile that benefit digestion and support heart health. Containing potassium, vitamin B6 & C, magnesium, copper and manganese, bananas are a healthy go to food to satiate hunger and promote health.

Rich in gut nurturing fiber, skin beautifying vitamin C and cell protective folate – the beautiful strawberry is as delicious as it is healthy. Also loaded with other important plant compounds like pelargonidin, an anthocyanin that gives it its red color, ellagic acid that may protect against cancer and procyanidins that promotes a healthy heart.

This stone fruit is packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals like potassium and manganese as well as a plethora of cell supporting antioxidants, polyphenols and anti-inflammatory compounds that support overall health and muscle recovert. Very rich in the beautifying Vitamin C that supports skin and hair health.

One of the oldest crops and packed with nutrients. Rich in brain protecting omega 3, fibers, vitamins B1, B6 and minerals like iron, magnesium and phosphorus and believed to lower blood pressure and control blood sugar.

This super berry is full of anthocyanins - a powerful, brain boosting antioxidant that gives it its red color and vitamin C and A – two most beautifying and immune strengthening micronutrients. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties of Vitamin C, it may even out skin tone and reduce redness. Acerola cherries contain 30x more vitamin C than oranges. So they are great when fighting the common cold and when you want to achieve glowing skin.

The greek word “biotos” means “life”, and it’s a suitable word for this B complex vitamin that helps the body convert food into energy. It is regarded highly beautifying as it’s supports skin, hair, eyes, liver and your nervous system. It may also help level blood sugar and prevent kidney damage.



Whole grain oat flour, Pea protein, Banana, Strawberry, Cherry, Flax seed, Acerola extract, D-Biotin.

You are what you eat – so drink your way to glowing skin and healthy hair with this Plantshake of powerfully beautifying bright reds. Strawberries, cherries and acerola work in symbiosis to deliver a gorgeous pink cocktail of skin brightening and immune strengthening vitamin C and A. D-biotin – originating from the greek word “biotos” meaning “life” after its ability to help the body convert food into energy – further supports beautifying cell turnover for bright eyes and a glowing complexion. Sip away on this gorgeous, filling Plantshake for inside out glow.

How to use

Blend two scoops of Inika Plantshake, a total of 40g, with 250ml water or your choice of plant milk, shake and enjoy. 


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per 40 g

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