What is holistic health?

What is holistic health?

Holistic Health - you’ve probably heard the term being used here and there, thrown around in many different settings. Maybe you’ve seen it on social media, read about it in a book or heard of it in your favorite podcast and the list could go on. You might have a pretty good idea of what the term means, or you might have no clue – either way, you’re in the right spot if you want to further educate yourself about this topic that we are oh so passionate about.

Holistic health is at the core of what we do, breathe, promote and stand for at Inika. It is an approach to life that considers and looks at the human being as a whole, where the body, mind and spirit are seen as inseparably intertwined and connected to each other. This multidimensional way of viewing wellness opens up for achieving optimal health in a way that is not possible when we view health in pieces and mainly address individual symptoms.

Holistic health includes everything in an individual’s life from nutrition to the people we interact with and what thoughts we feed ourselves with. The idea is that everything is connected and when one area of life, such as our physical or mental health, is compromised, it will affect the other areas of our life and our overall wellness will be affected.

Some examples of holistic approaches to healing and health are:

Food and herbs

A natural and clean diet, boosted with herbs and the goodness of nature, provides your body with optimal energy and the nutrients it needs.

Exercise and movement

Gets your heart pumping to increase blood flow and improve metabolism.


Boosts energy, improves circulation and alertness and reduces both stress and muscle soreness or tension, a perfect way to not only treat but take care of yourself.

Acupuncture and/or acupressure

Effective and natural treatment for headaches, lower back pain, menstrual cramps and addiction to name just a few.

Energy work (reiki)

A great way to relax and assist the body in its own natural healing processes and improve overall well-being.


Taking care of your mental health is key in taking care of yourself and living your best life.

Meditation and mindfulness

Breathe in, breathe out; re-center and connect to yourself and the beauty of life that is all around you.

These practices (and many more) are to be used in combination with each other to help support healing and health.

In the holistic approach to health there is no one remedy that is seen as the miracle cure to everything. Rather, the idea is that different healthy habits, remedies and therapies, can be used together to not only prevent and cure disease, but to help achieve higher levels of wellness in everyday life. Approaching life through the lens of holism really is a way to level up your health and your life. Another important key is that the body itself is seen as a capable of healing, it just needs the right kind of support to be able to do its thing.

Holistic health is not opposed to and does not rule out the importance of modern medicine, but rather sees it as one of many important tools that can be used to heal and take care of the body.

Some say that holistic health is a lifestyle, and we agree. It is not something you only turn to in order to treat a symptom or when you’re feeling under the weather. Instead, it is a way of living, that sets you up for your best life now and in the future.

Alice Rikwide for Inika Superfoods

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