Golden Milk for a golden gut

Golden Milk for a golden gut

As you probably know we recently launched 4 amazing Plantshakes, each with unique health benefits. We just know you will love each and every one of these shakes, and they will be your new best friends (along with our bars, of course). Our Golden Milk Plantshake is no exception.

This superfood shake will be ready in just a few seconds, and it’s perfect when you’re on the go or when you’re flying out the door in the morning, and you need to bring your breakfast with you in the car, on the bus, or on train. Just grab your Inika Shaker, add two scoops of the powder, add your favorite plant milk or water, shake, and you’re all ready to tackle whatever the day throws at you.

Our Golden Milk Plantshake is anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly, and chuck full of the most amazing Ayurvedic spices which we will get back to in just a moment. The shake will provide you with all the energy you need, it’s nutritious, filling and of course it’s all vegan, natural, gluten-free and without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Everything's coming straight from Mother Earth - just like she intended.

Back to the Ayurvedic spices. Ayurveda means “The Science of Life” in Sanskrit, and it is widely considered to be the oldest healing science. This ancient healing science originated in India more than 5,000 years ago. You may have also heard Ayurveda being referred to as the “Mother of All Healing”. For thousands of years Ayurveda was passed on as an oral tradition from masters to students. Other natural healing systems like Homeopathy have principles that roots back to Ayurveda.

There is much more to be said about Ayurveda, but let’s stop here for now, and get back to the wonderful ingredients in the Golden Milk plantshake.

In the Golden Milk plantshake you will find Ayurvedic spices like turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom which are all highly healing spices that have been used in India for millenia. All anti-inflammatory and prized for their medicinal properties helping soothe aches and pains and boost brain function. These magnificent spices also help delay ageing and aid digestion.  

Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which means the spice may also help reverse heart disease. Studies have also found that turmeric improves memory. Research also suggests that turmeric may have the potential to lessen pain. Turmeric also contains antioxidants, and the spice may protect your body from free radicals by neutralizing them. One study also suggests that turmeric may help fight depression, and it may increase the levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are chemicals in the brain that regulate mood.

Now, let’s talk about ginger! Ginger is known for being wonderful for treating nausea, including morning sickness when pregnant. The spice may also help with osteoarthritis, which causes joint pain and stiffness. It may also help lower blood sugar, and the spice can help improve chronic indigestion. Studies have also shown that ginger can help relieve period pain, and this wonderful spice can also help fight infections.

Our Golden Milk plantshake also contains cinnamon, which is also known for being anti-inflammatory, and the spice also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cinnamon is also wonderful to help keep your gut happy and healthy. 

Cardamom is another key ingredient in our Golden Milk plantshake. Thanks to anti-inflammatory effects, cardamom may help protect from chronic diseases. Studies have also found that cardamom may also help with digestive problems. The spice may also help with bad breath, which is good news for all the coffee drinkers. 

The shake also contains gluten free whole grain oats, which are rich in fiber, pea protein, banana, coconut milk powder, apple, psyllium husk, and black pepper.

Honestly, the Golden Milk plantshake is a must-have in every home. Besides containing Ayurvedic spices that will do wonders for your health, the Golden Milk plantshake contains 19 important minerals and amino acids, it includes all 9 essential amino acids, it contains 8 g plant protein per serving and 4 g fiber per serving.

We know you will love this soothing treat for busy bodies and minds.


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