Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Earth Element

Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Earth Element

This article is a part of a five-part series about the Five Daiost Elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These elements are in constant change and movement. Each element has its own characteristics with defined strengths and weaknesses and plays its role in the balance of the universe. We all have each element inside of us, however, one or two elements will usually resonate more with you than the others. It is all about balancing the five elements.

This article will be all about the Earth element, and how you can connect and tap into the energy of this element. 

Let Mother Earth ground you

The element of Earth is stabilizing and mediating; it is the energy of peacekeeping. The earth is grounded, patient, thoughtful, and warm. With this element in balance, we feel grounded in our body and the present moment, and we can nourish ourselves. It is with this element that we arrive home. With this element, we feel deeply connected to the center of our being, and we can move in all directions, but always return to our center, to our home.

It is with this element that we connect to our true source of power, and we know that everything we need is already inside us. There is no need to look for outside answers, all the answers are inside us, right here and now.

When the Earth element is balanced we are stable and rooted, we are compassionate, caring, supportive, empathetic, patient, nurturing, loyal, and honest.

If on the other hand, this element is out of balance we become overprotective,
controlling, we worry, and we feel guilt and shame.

Ways to connect with the Earth element

There are several ways you can connect with the earth element, such as:

● Spend lots and lots of time in nature. Whether it’s in the mountains, by the ocean, in a deep forest, by a lake, or just in your garden. Just get out into nature and connect with Mama Gaia.

● Walk barefoot. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Feel the earth supporting you, holding you, embracing you. Feel yourself come home to earth. Feel the sand in between your toes, the soft waves on your feet and ankles, the soft grass beneath your feet...

● Eat grounding, nourishing foods that come from the ground. Think carrots,
potatoes, turnips, beetroots, sweet potatoes, parsnips... Any underground plants.

Generally speaking, underground plants will make you feel more grounded and
calm, while fruits and above-ground vegetables will make you feel more
energized. Both are good, it just depends on which element you wish to connect to and how you wish to feel.

● Journal in nature. Grab your notebook and journal while you are in nature. Allow the wisdom of the earth to guide you. Let the wind, the ocean, the trees, and the flowers be your guides, and let their wisdom flow through you.

● Drink herbal tea. This will make you feel grounded and calm.

● This is easier said than done but try to worry less. Stay grounded in the present moment.

We hope that this article has inspired you to connect with the beautiful Earth Element.

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