Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Water Element

Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Water Element

This article is a part of a five part series about the Five Daoist Elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. These elements are in constant change and movement. Each element has its own characteristics with its own defined strengths and weaknesses and plays its role in the balance of the universe. We all have each element inside of us, however, one or two elements will usually resonate more with you than the others. It is all about balancing the five elements.

This article will be all about the water element, and how you can connect and tap into the energy of this element.

Be strong, yet flexible like water

The water element is all about perseverance, certainty, willpower, trust in life, wisdom and intuition. It is the wisdom of “who I am and what I am here for”.

This element represents intelligence and wisdom. Water is flexible yet incredibly strong, flowing yet still, calm yet dangerous. It is the most yin of all the elements and the most powerful of the five elements. Just think about it: water can eventually dissolve any obstacles in its path, even stone, without loosing its essential nature.

Water is all about inner reflection, grounding, perseverance and going deep. This element provides us with the direction of finding meaning in life. It is about basic trust in life. Trust that the universe has your back and that everything will work out. Trust that whatever is meant for you will eventually make its way to you. Surrender the rest. When we are like water we are able to flow around unimportant problems. 

A water person is persistent, determined, resilient, intuitive, creative, sensitive, flexible, open, gentle yet strong, and authentic. When this element is unbalanced these characteristics might turn into uncertainty, a fear of letting go, and a lack of trust.

Connect with the water element

There are several ways you can connect with the water element:

  • Go for a walk on the beach or swim in the ocean. If possible walk barefooted and feel Mother Earth beneath you 
  • Drink lots of quality water
  • Eat an alkaline diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Relax and take everything with a little inner smile
  • Give Kidney 1 a massage. This point is located on the sole of the foot, in a slight depression created when the foot is pointed downward, about one third of the distance between the tips of the toes and the heel
  • Journal. Journaling is a wonderful way to tap into your intuition
  • Engage in creative projects like writing, painting, drawing…

Things you should avoid include working too hard and just “pushing through”, eating too much sugar and drinking too much caffeine, exposing yourself to too much emotional stress and drinking poor quality water.

When you are connected to the element of water you will experience a profound sense of trust and faith. You know deep in your soul and heart that everything that is meant to be will be. You move and flow through life with ease and grace, knowing that the universe always has your back. You are able to easily tap into your intuition, and expressing your authentic self comes natural to you.


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