Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Fire Element

Five Daoist Elements: Connecting With the Fire Element

This article is a part of a five-part series about the Five Daoist Elements: water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. These elements are in constant change and movement. Each element has its own characteristics with its own defined strengths and weaknesses and plays its role in the balance of the universe. We all have each element inside of us, however, one or two elements will usually resonate more with you than the others. It is all about balancing the five elements.

This article will be all about the Fire element, and how you can connect and tap into the energy of this element.

Let your heart be your guide

The element of Fire is all about living a passionate, fun, and exciting life. Fire is a source of rising energy, and it keeps us enthusiastic. Positive emotions such as joy and happiness are associated with the element of Fire. The element is about feeling full of joy, feeling alive and blessed. When this element is in balance you feel in sync with yourself and others.

This Fire element is very outgoing, and if a person has a lot of this element in them it can seem as though their energy is never-ending. The energy is very strong, however, it also spreads and wanders easily. If this element becomes out of balance we can become adrenaline junkies, constantly seeking the next big rush.

A fire person tends to be a warm, passionate person, and the person is all about self-love and listening to and following their heart. A fire person is someone who allows their heart to guide them, not their mind. 

The Fire element houses our ‘Shen’ which is our spirit in the heart, which is exactly why allowing the heart to be the guide is so important for fire people. A fire person is the life of the party. Fire people are charismatic, inspiring, loving, warm, and they are always up for an adventure. They are extremely social, bubbly people full of passion.

The Fire element is the place for gratitude, spontaneity, interaction, communication, compassion and ultimately love.

How to connect to the Fire element:

Here are some great things for you to try if you wish to connect with the element of Fire:

  • Do acupressure on Heart 7. This point is known as the Shen Men or Spirit Gate. It is the main point used for anxiety and emotional issues. The point is located at the end of the ulna at the wrist crease.
  • Meditate. Meditation helps you tune into your heart’s true desires and it becomes much easier to listen to your inner voice.
  • Recalling dreams is another great way to connect with the Fire element. When you wake up, grab a journal and write about your dreams (if you can remember them).
  • Journaling is also a lovely way to connect with this element. Like meditation, journaling also helps you tap into your heart’s deepest desires.
  • Communicate with your partner, friends, and family. Remember that this element is the place for communication. A lack of communication can lead to disaster in any relationship, so communicate your feelings, emotions, thoughts, and needs. Don’t bottle anything up.

We hope that this post has left you feeling inspired and ready to listen to and follow your heart.


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